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About Yifan.Life


is to educate & encourage more people about the benefits of living a plant-based diet & eco-lifestyle.


that we can Be a Healthy and Joyful Malaysian Generation.

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About Yifan Founder, Sook Leng

Sook Leng was a meat eater for the past 33 years and just like everyone else, she is one who enjoyed Malaysia’s food paradise with delicious food of all sort.

But due to religious beliefs and the consciousness about potential hazardous outcomes of consuming animal-based products, Sook Leng began to commit as a full-time vegetarian for almost 3 years ago, only to realise that the society lack of good resources and platforms to follow a healthier diet and lifestyle.

She felt there were 3 main things that are missing and can be improved:

  1. There is no 1 platform that brings all kinds of plant-based brands, businesses, and vegan professionals on 1 single platforms.
  2. There is no latest update of the values of plant-based products & services.
  3. There is no latest promotion & no new product launches on vegan and organic products.

Therefore, was founded with the vision to provide a stronger support system to further encourage and educate the community of the modern-age on the benefits and advantages to live on a plant-based lifestyle. She has a vision to create a long-lasting legacy for the next generation, to live in a greener nature, harmony & joyful world.

The Team Behind

From the left

Chris Thoo (Chief Technology Officer), Kien Chong (Chief Marketing Officer), Yee Sook Leng (CEO & Founder)