FRESH FIG – GRADE A (~250G) [ BEST SELLER ] 4 pcs / box


Seller : Figara11

~250g total net weight when packed, (56 to 75gm per piece)

Our fresh figs are pesticide-free, having undergone screening tests for 255 multi-pesticide compounds. From Farm to Palm, Eat Safe, Stay Healthy!

Sweetness Overload – Harvested only when it is ripe.
– Soft Creamy Texture
– Honey Like Sweetness
– Bursting with Juice
Why eat figs?
1. Promote digestive health – softening and adding bulk to stools, reducing constipation, serve as prebiotic as a food source for healthy bacteria – thus why Figara11 formulated Gugu Guts – also weight management as high fiber means less cravings and hunger – also fig enzyme ficin, proteolytic enzyme that metabolize protein into amino acids, which Figara11 made fig enzyme drink
2. High potassium – reduce risk of hypertension, heart disease and stroke
3. Rich in antioxidants – high polyphenol, higher than red wine and green tea – mop up free radicals

Available to: Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley only

Pre-order needed (2-4 weeks)


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