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It’s time to reconnect to Nature. It’s time to break free from disease. It’s time to unleash real and everlasting health. It’s time to understand and practice the basic principles of Holistic Nutrition. It’s time to read….


NATURALLY DIETSTYLE Fundamentals of holistic nutrition made practical and easy Author’s details Ms Ruha Thevi Veerasenan MCMA (UK), Nutritionist (IRL), Master Herbalist (UK) Nutrition Researcher Author Author’s background information Biologist by degree, Nutritionist and Master Herbalist by certification, passionate Nutrition Researcher, Nutrition Consultant and Public Speaker by vocation. After nearly 30 years of faithful practice of the principles of holistic nutrition, I have put together a simple system - the DIETSTYLE. Simple, no-nonsense practical guidelines that allow anyone to make little but important adjustments to their food habits and lifestyle, resulting into major positive outcomes in terms of health and wellbeing. This system is now offered to the world in the form of a book "Naturally DietStyle" - a simple, fun and easy read; a book that summarises 30 years of research and practice, a book that is written for the everyday people, disregarding of their education background or nutrition knowledge, and disregarding of their food habits. Because nutrition is an everyday activity, and nutrition is for everyone, literally. This book will change the way you look at food, and will help you understand the link between your food habits, your lifestyle, and your condition of health or disease. It shows that health is easy to achieve, and it is possible to achieve: with no sacrifice, effort, no diet, no gym, no supplements... Armed with new awareness and knowledge, you will then be able to improve your food habits, your lifestyle and choose real and everlasting health over disease. Additional Information Nutrition coaching services (prenatal, child, general and sport nutrition) Corporate nutrition consulting services (food product development, food quality verification/tests, canteen/restaurant menu design, recipe) Nutrition and Health workshops, seminars, webinars Nutrition and Health articles/papers for local and international magazines